Peg and Pole Tent

Peg and Pole Tents are structures that are supported by pegs, side poles, and center poles. They are manufactured using heavy duty PVC coated fabrics in a variety of colors. The PVC coated fabrics also come in fire retardant, block out. They are hammered into a soft surface and easy to assemble. Our peg and pole tents are sold with the pegs, side poles and center poles.

Our PVC fabric is deeply impregnated with color, those pigments are utilized to resist fading. UV absorbers are added to all our heavy duty PVC tents to transform UV rays to harmless heat energy and this stabilizes limit the breakdown of the fabric thus giving you a longer lifespan of the tent.

Here are some of the event types you can use our peg and pole tent:
Wedding tents
Church tents
Party tents
Funeral tents
Event tents
Exhibition tents
Military tents / army tents around the world
Disaster management tents
Quarantine tents
Medical canvas tents
Emergency canvas tents
Outdoor adventure tents
Camping tents
Scout tents
Storage Warehouse Tents
Military Tents
Army Tents
Disaster Tents
Relief Tents
Refugee Tents

All aspects of the process are strictly controlled under an ISO 9001 quality system to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained at all times.

All tents comes with a fluorocarbon treatment which is water repellent or hydrophobic finish which will prevent the fabric from becoming saturated with water.

Our peg and pole tent starts from:

1 pole tent, 2 pole tent, 3 pole tent and 4 pole tent and up to 20 pole tent.

500 seater
1000 seater
2000 seater
3000 seater
Our Sizes range from but not limited to
5m x 10m tent
7m x 12m tent
9m x 15m tent
15m x 30m tent

We have the best outdoor event tents and everything in between, these tents offer stability, quality with great workmanship. We have the tent for you and accessories to complete your event.
All tents come with a 10 year certified workmanship guarantee.

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