Stretch Tent

  • Our fabric is treated with a fluorocarbon chemical that helps it to repel water and oil, as well as act as a protective barrier from stains and the accumulation of dirt particles.
  • A fabric treatment that provides protection against fungal and bacterial infection
  • This treatment is designed to give flame retardant properties to woven, knitted, and non-woven textiles. There are many different FR standards, so solutions are customized to the customer fabric and the required specification.
  • This treatment is designed to provide protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Popular Stretch Tent Sizes?
6 m | 9 m | 10 m | 15 m | 20 m/+

5m |7m| 9 m  | 12 m | 15 m | 20 m | 30 m/+

Area Cover
54 m² | 120 m² | 150 m² | 300 m² | 600 m²/+

Stretch tents are used in these events:
Parties, Weddings, Car Shows, Sporting events and Arenas

Stretch Tent Features?
Our Stretch Tents Are 100% WATERPROOF // 100% FIREPROOF // ANTI-FUNGAL

 Fabric details:

Our Range of Stretch fabrics has been designed for the very diverse rental and semi-permanent Stretch Tent market. The fabric used for our stretch products are knitted and dyed on site using only the strongest yarn and automotive grade dye stuffs to ensure durability in the harsh outdoor conditions experienced by these structures. The coating and laminating process is done on the most modern and sophisticated machinery available, to ensure that quality is never compromised, all our products are fully tested before being dispatched to our customer base.

Here are just one or two ideas as to how you can get the most out of your tent:

Sporting events

Bedouin tents are radically innovated in the worldwide tent and manufacturing industry.  You cannot underestimate the beauty of these structures and the buzz and excitement they create every time they are used. They will ensure that your event will remain long in the memory of everybody who attended. In terms of function, they are extremely adaptive and offer practical solutions to problems regarding awkward terrain, logistics and complicated client specifications.

We are uniquely positioned to offer our clients the most technologically advanced all-weather stretch tent product in the widest range of sizes and in a variety of exciting colors.

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